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High Security Locking and Access Control Solutions

For over 25 years, Abloy UK has been the trusted supplier of high security locking solutions to the UK MOD and have over the years developed firm understanding of the end-users requirements which has allowed us to design products that are compliant, secure, reliable, and operate in the harshest environments.

Abloy UK is recognised as the premium high security locking supplier for the MOD which demonstrates our capabilities to always deliver reliable and secure products to satisfy our customers’ uppermost security needs and requirements.

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Exceeding the highest standards to meet your security needs

Abloy’s driving force is the unique rotating disc mechanism which unlike traditional locks has no pins or springs that can wear out, a large number of different combinations allowing extensive master keying possibilities and virtually pick proof.

Our products provide the most reliable quality and exceed requirements of several British Standards and governmental bodies.

Abloy products are tested to meet stringent physical attack tests demonstrating our products are robust defenses against both physical attack and surreptitious threats.

Our product range includes a range of NATO Stock Coded Base level approved padlocks and a large portfolio of cylinders all fitted with a patent protected Class 3 Mechanism.

High Security Locking and Access Control Solutions
ABLOY wide range of approved products

Exclusive. Secure. Controlled

ALL Abloy products supplied into the MOD are keyed to a dedicated and exclusive MOD pre-cut and profile adding an additional layer of security and key control against un-authorised key duplication.

Duplication of keys is strictly supervised and controlled by the Abloy Master Key Department and each order is checked to ensure correct authorisation has been before requests for additional keys are processed.

Abloy offers various keying options to suite individual needs, locks may be “keyed to Differ” meaning each padlock or cylinder will have its own unique combination and set of keys, “Keyed Alike” locks will consist of a number of padlocks or cylinders all working off the same key or “Master Keyed” which creates a hierarchy of key levels – higher levels open lower levers.

100% control of all keys, 100% of the time!


High Security Locking and Access Control Solutions

Future Proofing

In today’s dynamic world keys and key control are always at the heart of the security of a business.

Abloy have been selling mechanical systems around the world for over 110 years, in the UK we have been leading the way with regards to high security mechanical locking and master keying for over 50 years.

Common risks associated with businesses include having a high number of contractors on site, renovation projects and temporary staff.

How many keys do you require?
How do you manage and distribute the keys?
Should staff be able to access all areas of the building?
What are the security risks?

The breadth of these concerns demonstrates the importance of strict key control and management within your business.

We at Abloy understand the need for longevity and future proofing with security and as a result of our dynamic world with increased focus on protection the CLIQ product was born.

Abloy CLIQ, is an electromechanical key system which offers some of the benefits of an access control system enables controlled access for staff and contractors, such as the ability to enable and revoke key authorisation remotely and provides full audit trails for full traceability as well as the ability to delete lost or stolen keys.

Abloy CLIQ meets the highest grade of EN 15684 which is the latest standard for mechatronics released in 2012.

Abloy CLIQ can be fully integrated with Abloy mechanical products thus truly offering a “One Key “solution.


High Security Locking and Access Control Solutions
CLIQ-Electromechanical key

Secure your location & increase your operational efficiency

Abloy intelligent locking and key management systems enable the management of assets and the workforce. Integration with other systems as well as delivering audit material flows and usages enables increased health and safety, traceability and operational efficiencies.

CLIQ Connect –  Introducing the Bluetooth Low Energy Key
The BLE Key uses the latest BLE chipset to provide online connectivity to the solution, CLIQ keys can now connect to your smartphone which allows the enabling of access rights for individuals keys which can be updated via smartphone anywhere at any time. It also Real time access rights eliminating eliminates the security risk posed by lost or stolen keys.

Abloy CLIQ enables substantial operational efficiencies – provides an Integration with permit to work, asset management and HR systems – IP68 classified padlocks for demanding environments (protection grades 3-6).

We also have the ATEX approval for intrinsically safe environments where explosion is a risk and hazardous spillages,  due to the unique nature of the contact based communication the solution can be used in up to  ATEX Zone 2

Traka 21- Plug and Use – “More than a tin”
Traka21 is a sophisticated stand-alone key management system which combines innovative RFID technology and robust design to provide all of your operational and desolate sites security with the advanced management of 21 keys or keysets in an affordable plug and play unit.

Simple, efficient and cost-effective, Traka21 helps trace and account for every key or keyset, which are individually locked in place, ensuring that critical business operations are never jeopardized.

High Security Locking and Access Control Solutions
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