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Reflex & Red Dot Sights, Scopes, Optics for Guns, Rifles & Weapons / Fire Control Systems

Aimpoint is the recognized worldwide leader and originator of red dot sighting technology. After more than 38 years of working closely with experienced marksmen and military weapon experts around the world, Aimpoint aiming devices called red dot sights but also reflex sights remain the No. 1 choice for combining ruggedness, speed and accuracy.

There are more than 1.5 million Aimpoint sights in service around the world. They are present in many Armies, in the US Air Force, the US Marine Corps, and numerous other military forces, police agencies, and special teams. But Aimpoint sights are also used by hunters and sport shooters.

Aimpoint sights are often named as gun optics, rifle optics or even rifle scope. A scope has magnification while a red dot sight is a non-magnifying optic.

Aimpoint also offers a Fire Control System for use with weapons such as the CarlGustav and Panzerfaust. The FCS12 system consists of an eye safe 1550 nm Laser Range Finder, a ballistic computer with the capability to store up to 50 different ballistic algorithms, and a parallax free optical channel with unlimited eye relief. Aimpoint’s Fire Control System is called FCS12.

Compared to other Fire Control Systems available on the market, Aimpoint FCS12 is a small, light and affordable system.

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Why using a red dot sight?

To be successful, shooters must be able to aim accurately and quickly under a wide  variety of conditions. On a shooting range, there is plenty of time to take aim, but in the real world, everything is in fast motion. Add rough terrain, foul weather, poor light and high levels of stress and even the most experienced marksman will be put to the test.

Red dot sights are superior to iron sights and magnifying scopes in several ways. Using these other types of aiming devices require that the shooter’s focus leaves the target.

With iron sights, shooters must align the rear and front sights with the target. With scopes, the field of vision is severely limited, and locating your target through a tube with one eye closed wastes valuable time and destroys your situational awareness.

The single red dot has been proven to be the fastest type of reticule to place on target, and provides the greatest increase in hit probability on moving targets. Red dot sights allow you to remain focused on the target. Shooting with both eyes open means that you remain in touch with what is going on around you, and can deal with new situations as they arise.


Reflex & Red Dot Sights, Scopes, Optics for Guns, Rifles & Weapons / Fire Control Systems
Aimpoint® CompM4s also called M68 CCO by the US Army - Over 2 million Aimpoint sights in use worldwide.

Why choose an Aimpoint red dot sight?

Place the dot on your target - from any angle

Aimpoint sights are parallax-free, which means that the visible dot remains parallel to the bore of your weapon no matter what angle your eye is in relation to the sight.

This means you never have to worry about centering the dot inside the sight. When the dot is on target, so are you.

All conditions - Anywhere
Aimpoint sights work in all light conditions from darkness to bright desert sunlight.    They are fully submersible so you never have to worry about rain or immersion.

Aimpoint sights are developed and tested to be used in any weather conditions, from the sub-zero temperatures of the Arctic to the heat and humidity of the tropics.

On any type of firearm
Whether you have a rifle, shotgun, handgun or crew-served weapon, Aimpoint has a sight for you.

Standard features on all Aimpoint sights

  • Battery life measured in years between up to 8 years of continuous use on one single battery!
  • Unlimited field of view
  • Parallax-free and unlimited eye relief
  • Unaffected by extreme weather conditions
  • Extremely rugged, durable construction
  • No hazardous materials
  • No laser emission that could be harmful to your eyes
  • Increased aiming confidence and hit probability
  • Reduced training time and ammunition consumption


Reflex & Red Dot Sights, Scopes, Optics for Guns, Rifles & Weapons / Fire Control Systems
Aimpoint® FCS12 - Fire Control System - Compact and light system.

Aimpoint offers optics for all types of weapons

Aimpoint has a sight for any kind of weapons - from handguns, PDW (personal defense weapon), Carbine, SMG (sub-machine gun), LMG (light machine gun), MMG (medium machine gun)  to HMG (heavy machine gun).
  • The Aimpoint® CompM4 series of sights are the toughest sights that Aimpoint has ever produced. The Aimpoint CompM4 and CompM4s sights have lately been chosen as the standard infantry soldier sight in many NATO countries. These optics are extremely rugged and operate continuously for up to 8 years using a single AA battery. The competition is not even close. The Aimpoint CompM4 is the latest version of the U.S. Army´s M68CCO (Close-Combat Optic), continuing a legacy that Aimpoint has maintained since 1997.
  • No matter what your mission, the size and weight of your equipment is a critical factor. With the Aimpoint® Micro series Aimpoint has introduced an aiming system that provides the performance of our full-sized sights in the smallest package possible. The Micro T-1 sights are available since spring 2012 with a smaller (2MOA) dot for more precise accuracy at longer distances. These sights can operate for over 50 000 hours on one single battery.
  • The Aimpoint® Patrol Rifle Optic™ (PRO), is a sight that comes in a complete “ready to go” kit and at a very affordable price. It offers 3 years of continuous use on one single battery, it is NVD compatible and comes with a QR mount including spacer and flip-up covers; the rear flip-up being transparent.
  • The upgraded Aimpoint Multi Purpose Sight, called Aimpoint® MPS3, is the 3rd generation of red dot sight specially designed for medium calibre weaponry such as general purpose 7.62 machine gun,  .50 (12.7mm) machine gun, 40 mm automatic grenade launchers, 20 mm, 25 mm, 30 mm cannons, mounted on moving platforms such as jeeps, armoured cars, trucks, helicopters, fast boats and ocean going patrol craft etc.


Reflex & Red Dot Sights, Scopes, Optics for Guns, Rifles & Weapons / Fire Control Systems
Aimpoint sights are submersible to 25m-45m (80ft-150ft) and with up to 8 years of continuous use on one single AA battery depending on the models.

Aimpoint® System-of-Systems™ -

Integrated combat optics solution

Although the primary focus for Aimpoint has always been the electronic reflex collimator (red dot) sight. We also offer a choice of modular accessories that can be used together with Aimpoint sights in order to enhance an operator´s capabilities.

In our System-of-Systems solution, the versatile TwistMount enables accessories such as the Aimpoint 3XMag (magnifier) and the Aimpoint CEU (concealed engagement unit) to be rapidly fixed behind Aimpoint sights. Night Vision Devices (NVD’s) of all types and generations can also be added as part of this modular system.

Since the accessories are placed behind the red dot sight, they do not affect the point of impact. Therefore, they can easily be passed from one member of a unit to another as long as both weapons are outfitted with the proper interface – the base of the Aimpoint TwistMount which fits any MILSTD 1913 Picatinny rail.

There is simply no other device on the market using the same technology. Aimpoint’s modular System-of-Systems approach enables the operator to modify their equipment for each specific mission, and to rapidly adapt to changing conditions in the field.

  • The Aimpoint® 3XMag, a magnifying module, is a revolutionary tool for the operator. The 3XMag combined with the new patented Aimpoint TwistMount offers something never before possible, the ability to switch in a split second from CQB to semi-sniping and vice versa without re-zeroing the weapon.
  • The Aimpoint® CEU (Concealed Engagement Unit) turns an operator’s standard weapon into a scouting tool that allows him to look over walls, under cars or around corners without exposing himself/herself to a potentially hostile situation.
Reflex & Red Dot Sights, Scopes, Optics for Guns, Rifles & Weapons / Fire Control Systems
Aimpoint System-of-system enhances the operator's capabilities in the field. Here Aimpoint® Micro T-1 and Aimpoint® 3XMag (magnifying module).
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