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Barrett Communications

HF and VHF Communications Solutions

Over almost four decades, Barrett Communications has built a solid track record in delivering integrated radio solutions to government, military and peacekeeping organisations who operate in challenging environments globally.

The company creates tailored solutions, including turnkey systems, backed by support and training. Thanks to the fundamental physics of HF radio propagation, Barrett Communications’ networks are independent of infrastructure and incur no network charges.

Headquartered in Australia and with satellite European and North American offices, Barrett has a network of dealers who provide local support on a global basis.

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Scalable HF and VHF Radio Solutions

Barrett's tactical networks are flexible and scalable and include Hand Portable transceivers (VHF), Manpacks, Mobile and Base packages configured around core HF and VHF modular transceivers and accessories.

Accessories include rapidly deployable dipole antennas, air transportable masts, whip antennas, loop antennas, power supplies, including Solar and conditioning modules. Email, data, fax, telephone network interconnect and vehicle tracking can be added as well as cross band interoperability solutions.

Manpack tactical data options for example include internal and external modems and the ability to connect to a rugged Ultra Mobile Personal Computers (UMPC).

HF and VHF Communications Solutions
Barrett's Manpack, Mobile or Base packages in either HF or VHF configurations

Tactical HF Radio Solutions

The PRC-2090 is a rugged and exceptionally specified HF tactical transceiver with all the features available from the traditional tactical transceivers suppliers at a more competitive price.

The PRC-2090 transceiver is equipped with a fully automatic antenna tuner allowing the deployment of a full range of tactical and static antennas.

The PRC-2090 can be configured to meet the mission needs. As a deployable manpack the PRC-2090 HF Tactical Transceiver weighs 5.2kg including the 10 Ah Lithium Ion battery cartridge.

Configured with Barrett’s unique Rapid Docking System, automatically increasing transmitter power to 125 W PEP, the PRC-2091 HF Tactical mobile can be installed a wide range of vehicle types with antenna options to suit.

As a PRC-2092 HF Tactical base station the same Rapid Docking System increasing power amplification to 125 W PEP. The base station can being installed with a number of temporary or fixed command configurations powered from either AC or DC power.

Configuring the PRC-2090 is simple, using an intuitive Windows based programming system or via Barrett’s intuitive menu driven handset interface.

The PRC-2090 is available with a variety of scrambling and digital encryption and Frequency Hopping options for voice and data security.


HF and VHF Communications Solutions
PRC-2090 HF Tactical Base Package

Tactical VHF Radio Solutions

The PRC-2080 low band VHF transceiver is designed for multi-role tactical military and security applications. It is an extremely compact and lightweight unit which is simple to operate in demanding mission critical conditions. The PRC-2080 is part of the family of Barrett transceivers that are field proven in over 150 countries, on every continent and in all environments.

The PRC-2080's main circuitry is contained in three modules – the radio frequency (RF), digital signal processor (DSP) and power amplifier (PA) modules. A very high level of integration is used to minimise component count and to increase reliability. The PRC-2080's RF, DSP and software design make it one of the most cost effective, secure, high performance VHF transceiver's available in the tactical military market today.

The PRC-2080 5 W VHF hand portable in stand-alone configuration is ideal for squad level communication requirements.

The PRC-2081 25 W VHF manpack upgrades the PRC-2080 transceiver with increased power and communication range. The military grade manpack is specifically designed for tactical applications and designed to withstand complete immersion, vibration, drop and temperature extremes to MIL-STD 810G.

The PRC-2082 50 W VHF mobile package provides convenient docking station for the PRC-2080 transceiver increasing power and communication range. The PRC-2082 can be installed in a range of vehicles including jeeps, patrol boats, APC’s, tanks and aircraft. The overall size of the system makes it one of the smallest VHF platforms available, being particularly suited to vehicles where space is at a premium.

The PRC-2084 50 W VHF base station can be installed in a number of temporary base and fixed command configurations and operated from a variety of AC and DC power sources.

The PRC-2083 50 W VHF Re-broadcast system is typically used to link two low band VHF networks providing extended range to overcome communications difficulties due to distance or terrain.  The two networks can use different security options (frequency hopping and encryption) providing a field deployable interoperability solution.


Barrett 4050 HF SDR Transceiver

The Barrett 4050 HF SDR transceiver is the new centrepiece of the Barrett range of HF communications equipment.

Incorporating a new generation of technology, the Barrett 4050 HF SDR provides secure voice, email and data transfer.

Covering a transmit frequency range of 1.6MHz-30Mhz and a receive range of 250KHz-30MHz, the 4050 HF SDR is intended as a static base station or as a vehicle-borne radio. It is aimed at a broad cross-section of the market, including peacekeeping or humanitarian assistance tasks; non-government organisations (NGO); security organisations and the civil security; and commercial businesses such as oil exploration.

The particular advantage of the 4050 HF SDR, apart from its cutting edge hardware and software, is that it has been designed to be used with the minimum of training by those who are not trained radio operators but nonetheless need the long range and flexibility that HF radio provides.

The detachable Remote Control Head incorporates a 24-bit colour touch screen which closely resembles a modern smartphone in look and feel, utilising the same type of touch and swipe interface. The interface is multi-language, which can be easily changed. Installed standard language libraries include English, French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic and Chinese but others can be added as required. Functionality is directly available through easily identifiable icons rather than step through menus. As a result, the inexperienced user is operating within a familiar environment.


HF and VHF Communications Solutions
Barrett 4050 HF SDR Transceiver

Intuitive Operation, Tailored Training

While Barrett Communications' equipment is designed to be intuitive in operation minimising the training burden, the company works with customers to provide tailored training packages.

Courses cover a variety of subjects including: propagation theory, antennas and modulation, operating procedures, radio discipline, network implementation and management. Reinforced by practical tests, training can cover all elements including station set up, connections, power supplies, accessories, programming and configuration of base, mobile and manpack equipment.

As training progresses, more specialised subjects such as radio data transmission networks, HF Automatic Link Establishment (ALE) and selective calling are covered, along with the operation of automatic telephone interconnects, asset and vehicle tracking, communications security and more.

HF and VHF Communications Solutions
Barrett’s HF and VHF interoperable communications solution with email and data connectivity.
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