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Curtiss-Wright Drive Technology

Development & Manufacture of Electro-Hydraulic & Electromechanical Systems for Military

Curtiss-Wright Drive Technology is a business unit of Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions. CWDT has more than 50 years experience in the development and manufacture of electro-hydraulic and electromechanical systems for military, industrial and automotive applications.

The Swiss subsidiary company was created in 1999 as a result of the takeover of SIG Antriebstechnik AG.

The company operates primarily as a supplier and off-the-shelf engineering service provider. Swiss precision and know-how is still very much a part of the CWDT philosophy, resulting in products that are global leaders in their field ? for example: targeting and stabilization systems, servo drives and controllers for gun and tank turrets, and ammunition feeder systems. The company also played a decisive role in the development of railroad train tilting technology, and has designed sophisticated dynamic hydraulic solutions for specific industrial purposes. Market activity is becoming more and more focused on commercial, civilian applications. The company possesses further skills in the fields of control electronics, sensors, software, and systems integration. CWDT employs some 90 people at the Neuhausen site, half of whom are engineers.

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Electromechanical Aiming & Stabilizing System

Aiming and Stabilization Systems – Robust and Safe

Governments and security organizations worldwide face the challenge of protecting their country and their citizens.
The Aiming and Stabilization System gives deployed troops a considerable boost to their self-protection. Maximum precision and reliability under extreme conditions are the basis for a secure deployment of troops.

Modular System

Our stabilization systems can be used both in main battle tanks and in remote weapon stations. We develop an individual solution to fit every requirement in order to achieve maximum precision in target observation and engagement.

We emphasize the excellent manufacture and long-term reliability of our products. This commitment to quality is implemented all the way from development to production.
Our products and systems all meet military guidelines as a result of our high quality standards.

Product Benefits:

  • Huge Variants of System-Components:
    • Hand Controller
    • Linear and rotary gear Drives
    • Power Electronic
    • Gyroscopes
    • Harnesses
  • Scalable systems for small, mid-size and large applications or platforms
  • Extreme System Performance:
    • Extremely low speed tracking,
    • stab quality < 0,3 mrad
    • Temperature Range – 46°C to + 71°C
      (Operation – 32°C to + 61°C)
  • Disturbance Rejection 40db
  • Sophisticated BIT
  • System Service Software Tool (DACS View)
  • RAMS, ILS, System integration support
Development & Manufacture of Electro-Hydraulic & Electromechanical Systems for Military

Electro Hydraulic Drives

General Description
Gain outstanding power that works with the precision of a Swiss movement. Receive assured but tamed momentum within your equipment.  Put high speed high dynamic digitally controlled muscles in your machines. With electro hydraulic drives designed by Curtiss Wright Drive Technology you will meet and master the highest industrial application requirements.

Your Applications and Needs

  • Highly dynamic electro hydraulic drives, valves and actuators' with proven positioning and repetitive accuracy
  • Forces of up to 900 kN, moved at speeds of up to 2 m/s with an acceleration of up to 300 m/s² using pressures of up to 300 bar
  • Hydraulic valves for fuel injection
  • Servo hydraulic for printing and tooling machinery, plastics engineering, textiles and woodworking industry etc.
  • Torque amplifier in series application
  • Ramming drive for ammunition loading etc.

Our Solutions
Sophisticated dynamic hydraulic solutions for specific industrial, aerospace, mobile and defence purposes. State of the art electro hydraulic drives used wherever large loads have to be moved quickly and positioned precisely, or where substantial, high-pressure hydraulic flows need to be switched or controlled.

A high degree of sophistication enable characteristics such as very fast high positioning accuracy to be attained. Our quality meets arduous military standards. Short-term availability due to modular design. Development is as per your requirements.low system pressure (120 bar)

The Offer
Have a look on our solutions for electro hydraulic drives and navigate through our selection. Send your requirements to us.

Curtiss-Wright Drive Technology offers COTS engineering services linked with our qualified manufacture capabilities and professional project management. Your benefit: Swiss made precision and know-how associated with the skills of the Curtiss-Wright Group.

 Development & Manufacture of Electro-Hydraulic & Electromechanical Systems for Military
High Speed Actuator

Ammunition Handling System

Fast and Reliable

Curtiss-Wright Controls Drive Technology develops and produces ammunition feeding systems for various requirements and areas of applications, such as main battle tanks, mortars, and howitzers.
Our systems can control up to 16 axes.

Our many years of experience in development and application in the area of ammunition feeding systems give our system the highest degree of safety, precision, and reliability.

Thanks to the combination of our expertise and state-of-the-art production technology, our systems reach the highest quality standards.

By complying with military standards (MIL-STD) and with the known civil standards and quality standards (ISO), we meet the requirements and special demands of our military customers.

Your requirements:

  • ✓ Higher rates of fire
  • ✓ Consistent reliability of loading cycles
  • ✓ Crew reduction
Development & Manufacture of Electro-Hydraulic & Electromechanical Systems for Military

Flick Rammer

General Description
The demand for increasingly more effective, higher performing, and consequently, more complex weapon systems have accelerated the development of semi- and fully-automatic loading systems for both mobile and stationary gun systems. Requirements such as:
  • burst fire
  • higher rates of fire
  • consistent reliability of loading cycles
  • smooth ammunition handling
  • remote control of weapon systems
  • loading in isolated or poorly accessible compartments
  • crew reduction
have created a need for new solutions.
Flick Rammers were developed specifically to answer these needs and can be installed in a variety of artillery systems:
  • field howitzers
  • self-propelled howitzers
  • fortress guns
Flick Rammers facilitate high rates of fire and guarantee a consistent ramming depth at all elevations. Because of their compact design concept and simple controls, Flick Rammers are eminently suitable for retrofitting. Depending on the space available on the gun and the ammunition loading mode desired, Flick Rammers can be installed in both horizontal and vertical loading arm options. Through the use of a flow control system for speed setting rather than the more conventional pressure type, Flick Rammers provide outstanding advantages:
  • low system pressure (120 bar)
  • high operational safety
  • simple operation
  • high reliability
  • low power consumption
  • low maintenance
  • simple retrofitting
  • minimal dimensions
  • high capacity reserves

Under field conditions, a wide variety of different guns using CWDT Flick Ramming Systems have demonstrated outstanding results, firing thousands of rounds of live ammunition reliably. For example, using a fully automatic fortress gun, only 10 seconds were required to fire a complete 3-round burst.

Flick Ramming System
for M 109 self-propelled gun. CWDT has specifically developed and tested a system which is particularly well suited to retrofitting existing or equipping new M 109 self-propelled guns.

  1. Flick Ramming system installed in an M 109 self-propelled gun in the loading position.
  2. Flick Ramming system in the ramming position.
Development & Manufacture of Electro-Hydraulic & Electromechanical Systems for Military
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