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Military Bunk Beds, Sleeping Solutions and Modular Seating

Disc-O-Bed is recognized across the globe for its unique ability to design and deliver bunkable strength in a ready-to-go sleep system. A family owned business since 1988, Disc-O-BedTM is committed to challenging conventional cot wisdom. Our entrepreneurial staff is hard working and service oriented, proudly backed by a unique and awesome product.

Through its patented disc system – hence the name - the company consistently meets and exceeds the extreme demands of Emergency Relief and Military Troop Deployment worldwide. We offer a product that is robust, transportable; simple to assemble, is hygienic and offers a quick, effective and comfortable sleep solution.

Today, Disc-O-BedTM's reputation for quality, strength, and comfort extends to sleep solutions and modular seating for outdoor enthusiasts and in-home users alike, especially where sleep space is at a premium.

Beyond its exceptional product design, Disc-O-Bed TM is dedicated to customer service:

  • Customizing sleep solutions for extreme needs
  • Responding with a sense of urgency to meet customer needs
  • Supplying spare or lost parts on an open-stock basis
  • Experience extreme sleep with ready-to-go solutions from Disc-O-Bed TM.

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Arm-O-Bunk with Footlocker - Military Bunk Bed

Developed specifically to U.S. Department of Defense specifications, Arm-O-Bunk addresses the need for rapid deployment, minimal footprint, and comfortable strength for U.S. troops.

  • Rapid Deployment, thanks to a modular design and patented disc system that is easy to assemble, quick to dismantle and packs compactly
  • Simple Assembly requiring no tools, with instructions sewn into the outer canvas carry bag for quick and easy reference
  • Minimal Footprint, by virtue of its ‘‘bunkability’’, reducing the overall encampment footprint, tent size and related HVAC costs
  • Extreme Comfort, on a sleeping deck that is firm, durable, stain resistant and requires no mattress
  • Robust and Strong, sleeping up to 400lbs (180kg) per single cot, comfortably on a four-post design with ample clearance for storage underneath
  • One Time Investment, with all parts being available and can be purchased as single items
  • A Sleep Solution for the Toughest Conditions, each supplied standard with a side organizer, footlocker and canvas carry bag for neat storage and quick transportation - available without footlocker on request "see picture".


Military Bunk Beds, Sleeping Solutions and Modular Seating
Arm-O-Bunk with Footlocker - Military Bunk Bed

Bunk-O-Bed - Portable & Permanent Bunk Bed

Designed especially for institutional use, the robust Bunk-O-Bed takes the strength and durability that DISC-O-BEDTMis known for and delivers it in a semi-permanent structure.  When not in use, it modularizes for a more compact storage. The tallest unit we make, Bunk-O-Bed comes well equipped for a secure night’s sleep, yet like all of our cot systems configures to two single cots with little effort.

  • A Rugged Sleep Solution when needed most eg. Mining sector, cabins, shelters and institutions
  • Side Safety Rail for added safety
  • Removable Ladder that attaches bedside for a stable climb to the top
  • Stabilizing Bars throughout for reinforcement
  • Light-Weight Mattress in keeping with a more permanent structure (mattress supplied on request)


Military Bunk Beds, Sleeping Solutions and Modular Seating
Bunk-O-Bed - Portable & Permanent Bunk Bed

Disc-O-Chair Military - Heavy Duty Camp Chair

Where do you sit when you’re on the go? Disc-O-Chair is your solution for outdoor seating at the ready.

Designed with the same attention to strength, durability, and convenience, the Disc-O-Chair is a great companion when you’re on the move, accommodating both young and old.

  • Easy No-Tool Assembly, thanks to the modular disc system that conveniently fits together, disassembles, and stores in a compact storage carry bag when not in use.
  • Modular Design stores compactly when not in use
  • Durable Construction with fully removable, washable seating deck
Military Bunk Beds, Sleeping Solutions and Modular Seating
Disc-O-Chair Military - Heavy Duty Camp Chair
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