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Mortar Systems, Artillery Shells and Tank Ammunitions

Founded back in 1860, today Hirtenberger Defence Systems offers top quality and precision-made ammunition for a range of mortars, tanks and artillery weapon systems. Sustained research, development and continuous search for improvement has made the company known throughout the world: the name Hirtenberger is a guarantee for quality and precision, certified according to ISO 9001:2000.

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A complete range of mortar systems in 60mm, 81mm (82mm) and 120mm calibre, featuring high firing power, long range, high accuracy and maximum reliability, is manufactured by Hirtenberger.

The Hirtenberger 60mm commando mortar is an easy handling and highly accurate weapon designed for special missions. It displays extraordinary advantages in difficult terrain, such as mountains, jungle and desert, as well as urban areas. The unique handgrip / trigger system allows firing in flat trajectories.

M6-640, M6-895 AND M6-1000 60MM MORTARS
This conventional 60mm mortar is specially designed as a weapon for indirect fire support for infantry and paratroopers. It can be delivered in a standard barrel and a long range model.

M8-1165 AND M8-1365 81MM MORTARS
Developed for the Austrian Army, these mortars not only meet the highest tactical and logistical demands, they will also operate under extremely different topographical conditions. They are available in a standard and long range variety.

M12-1385 AND M12-1535 MORTARS 120MM
Also developed for the Austrian Army, these 120mm mortars meet the highest tactical and logistical demands and operate under extremely difficult conditions. Thanks to their high firing capacities, high accuracy and quick and easy operation these systems can be considered to be amongst the finest in their class.


Mortar Systems, Artillery Shells and Tank Ammunitions


Hirtenberger mortar bombs are of the highest combat-effectiveness and provide maximum safety. Perfect operation even in adverse environments (such as deserts, swamps and jungles), high range, top precision and improved storage capability are just the major advantages of these state-of-the-art technical constructions.

The mortar bombs are produced in 60mm, 81mm (82mm) and 120mm calibres. The types available are HE, SMK-WP, SMK-TTC, Target Practice (TP), ILL-VIS and ILL-IR.

ILL-IR rounds are considerably enhancing night-fighting capability, providing a major tactical advantage on the battlefield.

Mortar Systems, Artillery Shells and Tank Ammunitions


Hirtenberger provides 105mm tank gun ammunition for L/7, CN-105-F1, RH-105, M68 and equivalent weapon NATO 105mm tank gun systems, regardless of whether these guns are mounted on Leopard 1, Centurion, Chieftain, Centauro, AMX-30, M60, M48A5 or Challenger tanks.

For the M105mm M57 tank gun for Kürassier and AMX-13 tanks, HE, HESH, HESH practice and APFSDS-T types are available, as well as other types on request.

105mm howitzer ammunition tailored to the needs of customers' artillery weapon systems is also produced by Hirtenberger. 105mm howitzer ammunition is available as HE, SMK-WP and SMK-TTC types; blanks are available too.

Hirtenberger has developed an M107 type improved round (M107I), which eliminates all disadvantages of the classic M107 round, but features the same outer design and carries the same payload of explosives. By introducing a new metallurgical composition, the number of fragments is increased almost five-fold compared to a conventional M107 round.

Furthermore, the M107I can be fired with charge M203 (zone 9), enabling the round to achieve an additional 20% increase in range applicable to all 155mm howitzers in calibres 33, 39, 42 and 52.

Mortar Systems, Artillery Shells and Tank Ammunitions
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Hirtenberger Defence Systems GmbH & Co KG
Leobersdorfer Strasse 31- 33
Tel: +43 2256 81184 0
Fax: +43 2256 818 07
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