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Iveco Defence Vehicles

Military Trucks, Protected Vehicles and Multirole Vehicles

Iveco's Special Vehicles Business Unit incorporates different expertise in order to develop and produce vehicles for specific missions: Iveco Defence Vehicles, a leader in the field of vehicles for defence and civil protection, Iveco Astra, a company that produces vehicles for the quarry-construction sector and Iveco Magirus, a company that boasts a longstanding tradition in the construction of fire-fighting vehicles.

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Iveco Defence Vehicles

IVECO Defence Vehicles is a benchmark for technology, development, construction and sale of vehicles designed to ensure protection and safety in a military context: trucks, protected vehicles and multirole vehicles.

Situated in Bolzano, IVECO Defence Vehicles boasts an industrial facility that was once the prestigious Lancia factory. With an international sales force and a widespread network of service centres, the company benefits from a world-scale technical and commercial presence.

The Bolzano facility concentrates all the skills that contribute in synergy to the success of IVECO Defence Vehicles: a research centre dedicated to defence and civil protection vehicles with the specialist IVECO know-how in the various product segments, a sales and marketing department, an after-sales service and the production site, specialising in protected and multirole vehicles. A second factory situated in Vittorio Veneto, which specialises in ballistic sheet metal welding and protection systems, supports the activities of IVECO Defence Vehicles.

The vehicles produced by Iveco Defence Vehicle are used in many countries throughout the world, including Germany, Great Britain, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Norway, Pakistanand Egypt.

The jewel in the crown of production in Bolzano lies in the multirole vehicles, of which the LMV is without a doubt the maximum expression in terms of technology.

Military Trucks, Protected Vehicles and Multirole Vehicles

Light Multirole Vehicle

The Light Multirole Vehicle (LMV), the vehicle for tactical missions with permanent four-wheel drive, referred to as the "Lince" (Lynx) by the Italian army and the "Panther" by the English army, continues to play a key role on the international scene.

The LMV stems from the idea of creating a vehicle with the mobility of an off-road vehicle with the protection of an armoured one. On many occasions, its protection played a fundamental role in saving the lives of the patrol soldiers or those escorting convoys of humanitarian aid. It is not only the British and Italian armed forces that are satisfied with its performance levels: the 4x4, in fact, was adopted in Spain, Norway, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Austria and the Slovakian Republic.
Entirely designed and built by Iveco Defence Vehicles in Bolzano, the LMV makes use of sophisticated technologies, the strengths of which are the excellent mobility characteristics and the sturdy anti-mine protection, verified on many peace-keeping missions.

The vehicle is equipped with a Diesel common rail engine with a power of 190 CV, connected to an automatic 6-speed transmission with hydrodynamic torque converter and a two-speed transfer box installed together with the differential on the rear axle. Hydro-pneumatic disc brakes are fitted at both the front and rear. The independent front and rear suspension, combined with the load distribution per axle and the optimised torque distribution, make for excellent off-road mobility for this type of vehicle.

The vehicle concept is modular: ballistic protection and trim versions can be added depending on the customer's requirements and thus make this vehicle suitable for many different uses: passenger transport, pick-up, ambulance. Independent suspension, permanent four-wheel drive and excellent weight distribution guarantee maximum mobility. The vehicle can travel at up to 130 kilometres per hour, overcome gradients of 60 per cent and wade in waters up to one and a half metres deep.

The LMV affords high reliability and affordable servicing, which reduces the necessary logistic support and the related operational running costs.

The vehicle present at the show, named Icarus, is used by the Italian Civil Protection Department.

Military Trucks, Protected Vehicles and Multirole Vehicles


Astra was established in 1946 and has been part of Iveco since 1986. Thanks to the extensive experience acquired and to the vast and articulated range of heavy civil and military vehicles, Astra now represents an important page in the history of the transport sector in quarries, mines and on the most difficult and challenging missions.

From military vehicles to exceptional transport and quarry-building site vehicles, Astra offers an exhaustive range of vehicles, able to meet all types of transport requirements in quarries and building sites and heavy transport in general:

Heavy Duty Vehicles

With two, three or four axles, with rear wheel or  all wheel drive, approved for legal road operating weights or exceptional weights, ASTRA HD (Heavy Duty) vehicles with the new Cursor Euro V engines with electronic control are the epitome of specialisation of construction and heavy duty distribution vehicles.


Military Trucks, Protected Vehicles and Multirole Vehicles

Dumper Trucks

Tried and tested and reliable, with reduced servicing costs, the Astra RD rigid dumper trucks guarantee high levels of productivity. The Astra ADT articulated dumper trucks instead operate where the material transfer routes are more complex.

Military Vehicles

The SMH and SMR series of Defence vehicles, defined as a "family", was designed by Astra in a tactical and logistic version with 4x4 - 6x6 - 8x8 drive. Sturdy and reliable, with high technological contents, one of the major strengths of these vehicles lies in the high rate of standardisation and interchangeability of components.

Sivi - Vehicles for Exceptional Transport

The characteristics of the "SIVI" range of vehicles, approved for total weights of up to 275 t for insulated vehicles and up to 540 t for 2 vehicles coupled together, include: reinforced chassis, special Iveco engines with customised calibrations, hydrodynamic transmissions with torque converters and integrated retarders with dedicated water or oil cooling systems behind the cab.
Military Trucks, Protected Vehicles and Multirole Vehicles
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