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MineWolf Systems AG

Mechanical Clearance of Mines and Route Clearance

MineWolf Systems AG is a Swiss company, based in Freienbach, Switzerland with its manufacturing plant in Stockach, Germany and regional offices in Africa, the Balkans and the Middle East.

MineWolf Systems has a strong global presence, with its mechanical clearance platforms in use by armed forces, governments and humanitarian organizations in over 30 countries around the world. Since 2004, MineWolf Systems has gained increasing respect in conflict and post-conflict theatres for its robust and effective solutions for landmine clearance and counter-IED, clearing millions of square metres of contaminated land. 

The quality and unique multi-purpose nature of its clearance platforms means that mechanical solutions can be tailored for different applications according to customer requirements. This flexibility, coupled with its outstanding team of field technicians ensures the machines are able to fulfill operational requirements in extreme conditions.

MineWolf Systems provides platforms for mine clearance to over 30 military and non-military customers worldwide and, since 2011 the company has been the supplier of remote-controlled counter-IED and route-clearance platforms for British and German forces in Afghanistan. 

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Landmine Clearance

All of the MineWolf clearance platforms can be used for landmine clearance.

The MineWolf (MW370) is the company’s flagship product and is primarily used for large scale landmine clearance. Used by national governments, peace-keeping forces and humanitarian non-governmental organizations, the MW370 can clear up to 30,000 sq. m. of land a day to a depth of 35 cm safely and effectively. It comes with interchangeable tiller and flail attachments and can clear mines with up to 10 kg of TNT. There are MineWolf machines operating all over the world from the snowy conditions above 4600 m in Chile to the extreme heat and dust conditions of South Sudan.

The Medium MineWolf (MW330) is an equally robust yet more maneuverable platform purpose built for military requirements. It can be operator driven or remote controlled and can fit into a 40ft ISO container or on a C-130.  It is also fitted with interchangeable tiller and flail attachments for conducting mine clearance. The MW330 is being used successfully for mine clearance in Somalia, Democratic Republic of Congo and Western Sahara.

The Mini MineWolf is a smaller remote-controlled platform which complete with workshop can fit into a 20ft ISO container.  Fitted with tiller or flail attachments it can clear anti-personnel and anti-tank mines. It is being used for mine clearance in countries as diverse as Croatia, Jordan, Rwanda and Tajikistan and has been bought for peace-keeping operations by the Irish Defence Force.

Landmine Clearance
Mini MineWolf (MW240) with robotic arm and gripper for counter-IED operations.

Counter-IED and Route Clearance

The MineWolf clearance platforms are designed to be multi-purpose in nature and have interchangeable attachments for dealing with landmines, IEDs or general engineering tasks.  For counter-IED, the clearance platforms are mounted with a remote-controlled robotic arm with various attachments enabling the safe clearance of improvised explosive devices. 

Since early 2011, the Mini MineWolf (MW240) is being used in Afghanistan by the British forces for the safe removal of IEDs from patrol routes enabling their daily operations to be completed more safely and effectively.

The Mini MineWolf is also being used by the German Armed forces as part of their route clearance package in Afghanistan. 

These NATO forces are using the platforms to their full potential with different attachments to perform a variety of purposes: for IED clearance, for area clearance of patrol routes or other contaminated land  and for general engineering tasks around camp.

Counter-IED and Route Clearance 
Medium MineWolf (MW330) clearing mines in DRC

MineWolf services

MineWolf Systems prides itself on its excellent service packages, designed to support customers to overcome the usual difficulties of operating heavy machinery in conflict or post-conflict environments. 

MineWolf Systems offers full integrated logistics support to all their customers, including:

Project management – When setting up any project, MineWolf Systems can offer an experienced and qualified project manager who knows the industry and country of operation to assist the customer. 

Training – MineWolf Systems provides a whole range of training solutions which can be customized to customer requirements. This includes operator and maintainer training, training of trainers plus other courses as requested.

Maintenance – Experienced MineWolf technicians provide a variety of service support options to keep customers’ machines maintained and fully operational throughout their lifetime wherever they are deployed.   Service support packages range from MineWolf staff fully operating the machines to periodic mechanical support depending on customer requirements.

MineWolf services 
MineWolf technicians servicing a MW370 in the field.

MineWolf services cont..

Technical support – The company has a 24/7 technical support desk based in Germany and a network of global technicians based worldwide ready to answer questions or deploy to support customers wherever required.

Logistics -  With over 8 years of logistics experience, getting equipment exactly where it is needed even in the remotest location has become somewhat of a speciality for MineWolf Systems.  As well as offering customers a factory to field delivery service for MineWolf spare parts and machines, the company can also assist customers with delivery of their own materials.


MineWolf services cont..
Mini MineWolf (MW240) en route for Afghanistan
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