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Nationwide Structures, Inc.

Blast and Ballistic Rated Security Structures

Nationwide Structures, Inc. is a leading supplier of premium quality prefabricated security structures to the military, OGA and defense industries.

Since 1986, Nationwide has provided modular Entry Control and Force Protection solutions across the world. Tested and certified to UL752 Level 8 and NIJ IV standards, our ballistic rated modular shields and mobile AGS (Armored Gate Shack) assemblies offer an unparalleled level of personnel and asset protection.

Nationwide’s blast certified and ballistic rated Stronghold Security Tower™ will protect security forces from the detonation of a very large VBIED at close range. The modular design of the Stronghold Security Tower™ offers flexible site options and rapid installation in less than 14 days. Whether the tower is for military observation on a training range or as a vision or guard tower for perimeter security, the tower can be fabricated to meet 12.7AP or 14.5API protection levels.

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Security Structures that Measure up to the Threat

Every Nationwide Structures, Inc. prefabricated booth is engineered and built to meet any ballistic protection, mobility, or harsh environmental condition. “Fixed” Guard Booths can be secured to a concrete pad, platform or tower and connected to a power source. “Portable” units can include forklift pockets in the baseframe, skid-mounted or trailer-mounted where rapid deployment may be critical.

Options include UL752 and NIJ ballistic resistance, blast protection, multi-fuel generators, heavy duty harsh environment AC units, Gun Ports

Blast and Ballistic Rated Security Structures
Trailer-Mounted or Fixed Guard Booths with Gun Ports, Harsh Environment Climate Control and Multi-Fuel Generators

Overwatch Security Towers, Perimeter Wall and Overhead Threa

Overwatch Towers and Guard Booths are a key component in site security for perimeter surveillance and entry/access control. The Stronghold® Security Tower and BBRE Series fulfills several functions for a security force:

  • Visual deterrence
  • Observation
  • Protection
  • Survivability
The Stronghold® Tower and BBRE Series are designed to protect against blast effects from vehicle-borne explosives (from land or water) in excess of 500 pounds TNT equivalent at close range as well as small arms fire: NIJ Level IV and UL 752 Level 10.

Applications include:

  • Embassy Overwatch
  • Border Patrol
  • Perimeter Security
  • Observation Post
  • Command and Control Center

Blast and Ballistic Rated Security Structures
Stronghold® - Blast Certified and Ballistic Rated Overwatch Towers, Perimeter Blast Wall and Overhead Threat Protection

Defensive Mobile Shields

Strongpoint Armor Series offers maximum mobile protection in NIJ III and NIJ IV design. The Light-duty law enforcement shield is designed to defeat .308 (7.62 x 51 mm) and offers quick maneuverability, while the larger transportable shields transform in seconds from towing position to defensive position and offer true multi-hit protection against 9 mm to high caliber AP rounds.

The Heavy-duty transportable shields meet DOS Standard DS-STD-01.01 and requirements of NIJ-STD-0108.01 and are available in Mobile and Stationary configurations. Design features include laminated ballistic windows, gun ports, all-terrain tires, rust-preventative finish and additional available options.


Blast and Ballistic Rated Security Structures
Strongpoint Armor Series NIJ III and NIJ IV Mobile Shields in fixed and transforming design

Modular Armored Security Shields

Ballistic Weapons Stand and Modular Armored Security Shields offer unparalleled advanced personal protection and safety. By utilizing a 20° deflection angle and “clean face” design the shields safely deflect and direct any fragmentation down and away from the sentry’s position.

Ballistic Weapons Stand (BWS):

  • Interfaces with all military crew served weapon mounts
  • Protection against rounds up to and including .50 caliber steel core ball
  • Available with12.7 mm and 14.5 mm API protection
  • Portable and modular
  • Replaces MK16 tripod stand
  • Replaces Kevlar, sandbags, concrete and water-filled emplacements
  • Impervious to sun and saltwater breakdown


Blast and Ballistic Rated Security Structures
Modular NIJ IV Ballistic Rated Shields, Weapons Stand with Gun Mount, and Portable Machine Gun Nests
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