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Polartherm Oy

Military Airfield / Shelter / Water Heating Solutions

Robust and proven in extreme conditions - that’s what you can expect from Polartherm’s military type ground support, space and water heaters. Alaska, the South Pole, Afghanistan (deployed with US forces) and Greenland are just a few places where our heaters keep personnel and equipment from freezing.

With some 15.000 field heaters delivered to customers in the United States, Canada, Korea and Finland, each one with their own unique requirements, we are quite confident that we shall meet yours as well.

With our heaters we keep ground support troops, tents/living spaces, and aircraft engines warm; and with our automated freeze protected, on demand water heater, we keep water tanks from freezing providing hot water in minutes whenever it is needed.

With in-house R&D and manufacturing capabilities we are positive we can meet any heating needs. And having manufactured hundreds of thousands of heaters in our 40 year history doesn’t hurt either.

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Airfield Heating

At the end of 20th century the US Air Force were planning to replace their old obsolete AGE (Aerospace Ground Equipment) heaters. Polartherm then was fortunate to take part in the tender and in a fierce international competition, won the award. The heater was called NGH-1 (New Generation Heater).

The first deliveries took place in the year 2000 and nowadays there are over 5600  heaters in use on AFB's all over the world from Alaska to Antarctic.

With very few warranty issues and a minimal spares parts need, the units have operated to full satisfaction of the users and maintainers around the world. 

The yellow units in the picture are used by the US National Science Foundation on their Antarctic McMurdo Research Station and on the South Pole itself. These units were modified only slightly from the standard version to function in the Antarctic conditions.

See References and read the "Story of a water jar" of the first units delivered to McMurdo.


Military Airfield / Shelter / Water Heating Solutions
Airfield heating

Field Space Heating Polar BEAR 130K

NSN 4520-01-521-2076EJ

Polar BEAR 130K field space heater was developed for the US Air Force Basic Expeditionary Aerospace Resource (BEAR) program and won the award, again, in a fully open international competition. The heater matches and exceeds the requirements set forth by the USAF. 

The basic requirements for the heater, in addition to output and air volume specifications, were the following:

  • Internal fuel tank for min. 10 hours operation

  • Skid-mounted

  • Forklift maneuverable

  • Stackable

  • Lightweight, modular design

  • Recirculation type with fresh air mix

BEAR 130K has a very high Thermal Efficiency (87%) and it can be started even at -40°C/°F temperature.

Nowadays there are well over 4000 Polar BEAR 130K field space heaters in use around the world. See some of the places at references.

Military Airfield / Shelter / Water Heating Solutions
Field Space Heating - Polar Bear 130K

Field Space Heating Grizzly BEAR

Grizzly Bear has been developed in co-operation with the Canadian Army. It is a compact, high efficiency Field Space Heater designed for heating up military shelters.

The air is circulated through the heater using a hot air hose for both intake and outlet air. The unit also has an adjustable fresh air flap.

  • Efficient heating: Air circulation, automatic burner control, high efficiency

  • Cold start at -40 degrees °C and °F

  • Fuel inlet for remote fuel tank

  • Recirculation type with fresh air mix

Military Airfield / Shelter / Water Heating Solutions
Field Space Heating - Grizzly BEAR

Field Water Heating Black BEAR

Black Bear is designed to provide instant on-demand hot water under field conditions.  The heater is freeze protected under all conditions of power loss, lack of fuel and any other failure.

It also has a water tank monitoring system that automatically increases the tank water temperature in case of risk of freezing.

  • Freeze proof to -40 degrees

  • Multifuel operation

  • Suitable for air delivery.

  • Stackable and

  • easily palletized

There are currently 600 pcs of Black BEAR field water heaters in use by the Canadian Army.

Military Airfield / Shelter / Water Heating Solutions
Field Water Heating - Black BEAR
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