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Ridgeway International

Supervisory & Consultancy for the Movement of Ammunition, Armaments, Explosives

The Ridgeway Group consists of 4 companies located in the USA, Canada, the UK and Australia, specialising in the safe, secure and legal movement of explosives, munitions and security classified materials.
  • Over 30 years experience
  • Air, sea, road and rail specialist logistics
  • Stevedoring, storage and insurance services
  • Reputation for absolute attention to detail

The philosophy behind the four companies is that they can work independently or as a group depending on your project. Each company is set up to understand and engage with local and national laws and regulations and operate within its own commercial sphere while having an international capability as part of the Ridgeway Group.

Ridgeway has developed long-term relationships with clients and suppliers. This enables your supply chain to be constantly improved.

Ridgeway's ethos is to find cost effective and practical solutions to your requirements using our extensive working knowledge of local and national laws, regulations, codes of practice and compliance requirements.

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Movement, Storage & Insurance of Explosives & Ammunition

We have built up considerable experience over the last 40 years which has resulted in the creation of long-term relationships with a world wide portfolio of clients in government and commerce.

A strong tradition of close liaison with all parties, hands on management and attention to detail has been the basis of the company’s strong market position.

We specialise in the safe and legal movement, storage and insurance of explosives, ammunition, missiles, security classified hardware, restricted weapons and associated ordnance material within the UK and world wide.

Ridgeway works with a large number of the world’s major defence and aerospace companies and also directly for many governments and governmental agencies. This includes long term contracts with the Australian and New Zealand Governments for the freight forwarding and carriage of their European, North American and Far East ordnance purchases.


Supervisory & Consultancy for the Movement of Ammunition, Armaments, Explosives

Cost Effective Routes for Explosive & 'Sensitive' Logistics

The essence of the business lies in the selection of viable, safe, legal and cost effective routes for explosive and 'sensitive' logistic movements against the background kaleidoscope of often contradictory laws, regulations, compliance requirements and physical inspections which control this sensitive international trade.  Ridgeway has developed a powerful expertise in obtaining the necessary licences and permits and interfacing positively with the various harbour, coastguard and transportation authorities which police these activities.

Ridgeway's principal activities are as follows:

  • Supervisory and Consultancy Service for the Movement of Ammunition, Armaments and Explosives.
  • World Wide Deep Sea Ammunition, Armaments and Explosives Shipping Service on liner services and company controlled charter tonnage.
  • International Road Transport Service for Ammunition, Armaments and Explosives.
  • International Air Freight Service for Ammunition and Explosives.
  • Storage and Handling of Ammunition, Armaments and Explosives.
  • Insurance Service for Ammunition, Armaments and Explosives.
  • Provision and Control of Explosives and Ammunition Stevedoring Services and Cargo Superintending at various licensed ports world wide.
  • Provision of Turn-key and Management Services in the field of Explosive Munitions Demilitarisation Logistics.

Ridgeway International Ltd holds a licence to possess and carry weapons prohibited under Section 5 of the Firearms Act and also enjoys a specific security status with the UK Ministry of Defence, a status which can be verified through the normal security channels.


Supervisory & Consultancy for the Movement of Ammunition, Armaments, Explosives

Organised and Controlled Movements of Live Munitions

Ridgeway has been heavily involved, in the last few years in the specific area of 'demilitarisation logistics', and has built up a strong reputation for reliability, thoroughness and value for money with many of the leading contractors in this field. This includes the U.S. Air Force, NATO Maintenance and Supply Agency (NAMSA) and the UK MOD. 

Ridgeway has been closely involved in ordnance movements in connection with the Al Yamamah contract between the governments of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) and the United Kingdom. 

Ridgeway organised and controlled the movement of live munitions mainly for BAE Systems but also for agents of KSA over a period of 5 years.

Supervisory & Consultancy for the Movement of Ammunition, Armaments, Explosives

Movement of Hazardous & Security Classified Consignments

Working closely with several large European Aerospace companies we provide specialist freight services for the movement of hazardous and security classified consignments.  Much of this work revolves around large defence programmes for the production of next generation weapons systems.  These programmes typically involve the teaming of several large European and US companies all manufacturing different components of weapon systems. 

This process involves the continual international movement of hazardous and / or security classified equipment often in challenging circumstances in terms of maintaining compliance with regulations and meeting commercial deadlines.  Ridgeway has literally grown up with many of these programmes and their replacement programmes.

Supervisory & Consultancy for the Movement of Ammunition, Armaments, Explosives
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Ridgeway International Limited, UK
69 High Street
Tel: +44 (0) 1491 839 780
Fax: +44 (0) 1491 839 765
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