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Rubb Military Buildings

Expeditionary Forces Aircraft Shelter System, Military Hangars & Relocatable Buildings

Rubb's Expeditionary Forces Aircraft Shelter System range of military hangars, relocatable buildings, temporary hangars, storage warehouses, aircraft shelters and sunshades is designed to be rapidly deployed and quickly erected anywhere in the world.

Rubb provides robust, reliable and field maintainable engineered fabric military structures to support defence requirements in areas of difficult terrain and challenging environmental conditions. Rubb's military hangars, warehouses, shelters, sunshades and workshops are fully demountable for future erect, strike and store cycles.

The EFASS range of military buildings is available in three spans with various door options to accommodate fixed wing aircraft, rotary wing aircraft and land vehicle maintenance. All structures pack into 20ft ISO containers for transport.

With a proven track record, clients include the UK, USA, UAE and Canadian forces. Rubb has the ideal solution and expertise to meet your military and defence application requirements.

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11m Span EFASS Light Aircraft Hangars

This is the smallest military aircraft hangar in the EFASS range, initially designed to accommodate small aircrraft and helicopters. This aircraft, vehicle and maintenance hangar may be the baby of the range but it is constructed using the same roof and leg elements as the 20.4m (67ft) span Rubb Military building and built to the same high specifications as its two bigger brothers.

During its development, the Heli-Door came onstream and the first door was prototyped on this shelter using standard roof elements as door horizontals, providing an almost full width opening. The project created a lot of interest from visiting British and American military personnel, prompting the addition of two more options, armour and crane. Armour was developed in partnership with QinetiQ North America's Last Armour Division, providing a fast installation and removal of the protective panels to the inside of the shelter walls.

The crane enables heavy maintenance and engine changes to both aircraft and military vehicles in theatre, while the 10m wide Heli-Door allows clear and easy access.


Expeditionary Forces Aircraft Shelter System, Military Hangars & Relocatable Buildings

20.4m Span EFASS Aircraft Hangars

The 20.4m Rubb Military aircraft hangar was the first of the EFASS aircraft hangar range of soft walled temporary buildings to be specifically designed to comply with a very stringent military compliance matrix from the Royal Air Force.

This required worldwide rapid deployment capabilities. The aircraft hangars were designed to accommodate fixed wing aircraft with particular emphasis on the Tornado, where it had to perform as a front-line maintenance hangar and a sunshade (both doors open).

The door is constructed using the same high quality aluminium framework as the main structure. Three framed PVC panels are hinged at the base of the hangar and the door operates via a button controlled motorised mechanism.


Expeditionary Forces Aircraft Shelter System, Military Hangars & Relocatable Buildings

25m Span EFASS Helicopter Hangars

The 25m EFASS is currently the largest military helicopter hangar in the EFASS range, specifically designed for maintenance of the MH-47 Chinook military helicopter.

The first EFASS helicopter hangars were 25m span x 36m long with Fast Jet Door technology. The military structures were packed into two 20ft containers. This specification and door type was purchased by both the US Army and the RAF, with an operational independent assessment taking place at Fort Campbell (the 160th SOAR Regiment).

The helicopter hangar was unpacked from its containers and erected by the 160th military personnel with two Rubb technicians. All attributes were tried and tested to ensure that it was adequate to house and maintain a Chinook helicopter with its blades fully deployed. The excercise helped identify two wish list items wihich would enhance the product's performance: the Heli-Door and internal roof mounted crane.

Expeditionary Forces Aircraft Shelter System, Military Hangars & Relocatable Buildings

EFASS Military Storage Warehouses

The EFASS range of military Hangars can be easily configured to suit individual needs. The system provides an ideal warehouse space with large internal dimensions that can be shortened, extended or modified into a sunshade or hangar to meet future requirements.

Rubb's military warehouse facilities are available in three span sizes including 11.1m (36ft), 20.4m (67ft) and 25m (82ft) by any length. Typical lengths range from 28m (92ft) to 100m (328ft) and are extendable by 4m (13ft) bays.

The structure design capabilities are exactly the same as the EFASS helicopter and aircraft hangar - Rubb's soft walled aluminium framed warehouses are suitable for rapid deployment and can be built quickly without additional mechanical plant (crane, forklift truck).

Based on a team of 11, the most recent 25m (82ft) x 100m (328ft) military warehouse was erected in just 13 days. The insulated fabric option can provide a temperature controlled military maintenance and storage solution.

Expeditionary Forces Aircraft Shelter System, Military Hangars & Relocatable Buildings
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