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Military Rugged Labelling / Durable Barcodes

UID UK is a barcode and label manufacturer with particular expertise in durable, robust and rugged labelling.

We have the capability to manufacture durable barcodes, robust labels and rugged barcodes which are effective when used in the harshest of environments. By using our manufacturing capabilities and expertise for your robust labels and rugged barcodes you can ensure that your product is successfully marked and identified whatever the environment it is exposed to. 

UID UK advises the AIDC and bar coding community of the current technology available to meet the required marking standards. We have the ability to print photographic images, sequential barcode information and numerous colour combinations using our exceptional digital printing technique. The information is printed directly into the surface of anodised aluminium, which is then sealed, ensuring that your rugged barcodes and robust labels are scratch, weather, chemical and vandal resistant.


UID UK works with both national and international clients for all their rugged labelling requirements. 

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Rugged and Durable Labels

UID UK can supply you with rugged and durable labels necessary to asset track and identify your product wherever it’s located. Our durable labelling and barcode solutions can be used in difficult and challenging environments to include extremes of temperature, salt spray, oil or fire and harsh chemicals.

We work with many different sectors of industry to include, Military, Aerospace, Automotive, Health Services, Local Government, Logistics and Retail. 

UID UK can supply durable and robust labels for a wide variety of projects and specifications.
Rugged and Durable Labels

Rugged and Durable Labels - MIL STD 130

UID UK is able to support both commercial and military applications, including MIL STD 130 which is a standard mandated by the Department of Defence for any item to be UID compliant.

We can supply you with:
  • Bespoke labelling in all substrates, to include metal (anodized aluminium and stainless steel) to plastic (vinyl, polycarbonate and polyester).
  • Security labels
  • Unique ID labels
  • Industrial labels
  • Asset labels and tags
  • Cost effective hardware and software
Rugged and Durable Labels - MIL STD 130

Rugged Barcodes

We can supply unique identification labels to include: Barcodes (code 39, code 128 etc.) 2D Data Matrix Barcodes, UID codes, QR codes, serial numbers, void, tamper evident, temperature indicators, latent imaging labels and human readable serial numbers, both static and consecutive.

Our rugged barcodes can be used to identify and asset track your products. Durable barcodes can also be used for inventory control and management, transportation of items and security and fraud prevention.

Whether you require RF wireless technology, rugged metal barcodes or durable labels we can make your concept a reality.
Rugged Barcodes

Logistic Handling and Storage - Hardware and Software.

UID UK can supply you with a range of “off the shelf” packages which can be run easily on a standard Windows platform. If you are looking for logistic handling hardware, software or a combined solution, we can assist with a package that is both highly efficient and cost effective.
UID UK also provides bespoke solutions which can be tailored to your individual asset handling and product storage requirements. 
UID UK is your single source for all rugged labelling, durable barcodes and logistic handling and storage solutions.
Logistic Handling and Storage - Hardware and Software.
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